Do just one thing.
But do it extremely well.

That sums it up for Lookbook Press. We focus like a laser beam on creating full-color books of the highest quality. We surround this effort with careful listening, quick reliable service, reasonable pricing, and a genuine personal interest in your publishing project.

After all, by the time you get to us, you are probably deeply invested in the process of realizing your dream book. Many of you have already been involved with it for a year or more. So the least we can do is be there for you 100 percent. 

". . . probably one of the most exceptional characteristics about William at Lookbook Press is his ability to listen. I’m convinced that we saved time and money, because of his exceptional listening skills, as he carefully took the time to completely understand the feel and goal I had for my project before starting the creative process at his end. It’s rare enough that we sit across from someone so adept at focusing on our needs, wants and wishes … but, then to see those needs, wants and wishes be interpreted so creatively and perfectly into a beloved project is a wondrous act to behold."  ~ Lynne Fluke 

(Grace • Humor • Knowledge - commemorating the 70th birthday of John Fluke II)   

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